OK, 738.6 may be a stretch, but the world knows I love cruising. The lengthier the cruise, the better in my book, but sometimes life just doesn’t allow for long trips. MrsMJonTravel and I are approaching a milestone anniversary. We have talked about several options like Key West or Charleston, but things just weren’t lining up. Our anniversary happens to fall during Key West Fantasy Fest, and Charleston wasn’t working out either. There are a number of destinations we could choose, but an idea came to mind.

I checked prices for a weekend cruise from Miami, and they were quite favorable. Not that money is an object for our anniversary celebration. 🙂 This would be an easy cruise to book myself, but since I had been bugging our favorite travel agent for weeks about various celebration options, I decided to email her…..on Sunday morning. Number one sign of a good travel agent, our cruise was booked while she was on her day off. When she got home later in the afternoon, she emailed me the confirmation, I booked flights, and we were set for a weekend sail-away from Miami!

Moral of the story – cruising, especially 3-night weekend cruises can be an awesome value for a weekend getaway. Many times, you can find excellent deals in the 30 day period before a cruise as the lines drop prices to fill the ship. Subscribe to cruise line emails, online agency emails, and the miles for cruising newsletters from your favorite airline mileage program to get a heads up on good deals. Also, stalk the cruise line websites yourself, which is how I found this deal. Enjoy your cruise!

-MJ, September 28, 2013