Lyft and Ebates has a partnership where new Lyft users get $20 Cash Back, not credit, on their first ride, and ALL users (new and current) earn $1 Cash Back on every Lyft ride.

Pair that with an epic and private new Ebates user bonus I wrote about before, where you sign up with my referral link and get a total of $40, $10 from Ebates and $30 from me. (you won’t find it anywhere else. Seriously, try searching for it online)


What is Ebates?

Ebates is an affiliate shopping site that pays cash back to you for every purchase you make online. They can send you cash back directly to your Paypal, or mail you their trademarked Big Fat Check! When you shop online at specific retailers, those retailers pay Ebates for making a sale, who then pays you! Easy easy, and a win win! It’s free to sign up and gives you cash back where you’re already shopping anyway!

You can also get cash back from in-store opportunities as well, and for everything you can think of – technology, retail, ebay, travel, vacations, etc. They give you easy to use coupon codes so you don’t have to search, cash back for every purchase, and easy to understand terms of each partner’s programs!

Main Ebates Page!


Promotion Details

  1. Sign up for Ebates.
  2. If you are a new user of Lyft, simply sign up by clicking through the Ebates app to Lyft and making an account. Take a ride within two weeks of signing up and you earn $20 Cash Back!
  3. If you are a new or current user of Lyft you also earn $1 Cash Back when you start each ride through the Ebates App. There have been reports of people going through Ebates after starting on the Lyft app and still earning the Cash Back! Note – I don’t believe you can double-dip earning $21 Cash Back on your first ride. It’s $20 for new users’ first rides, and $1 thereafter, and $1 for existing users’ rides.
  4. That’s It! It’s as easy as two extra clicks before using Lyft. For those who use it frequently, such as tourists, travellers, or businesspeople, that’s easy money in your pocket, courtesy of Ebates!


Terms and Conditions

As you might expect, T&C is in the app, and I’ve also screenshot the relevant details above so you can see firsthand how straightforward it is.


Want more?

You can read more about a special promotion with Ebates, which is not publicly available, where you sign up with my referral link and get a total of $40, $10 from Ebates and $30 from me. Let me know if you have any questions – leave a comment, let me know!



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