Yesterday, I posted a few details on the new all-inclusive packages being offered by NCL. The packages are available on 2015 cruises from 3 to 14 nights and include:

  • Ultimate Dining Package
  • Ultimate Beverage Package
  • Bottles of water for your vacation
  • Gratuities associated with package and Service Charges
  • Shore excursion credit of $200 per person on 6+ day cruises (or $100 per person on 3-5 day cruises)
  • 250 Minute internet package
  • 10% off cruise fare
  • 1 Bottle of wine
  • Bingo session (3 games)
  • 20 Photos, any size
  • Chocolate covered strawberries

That’s pretty good, and I quite like the option of having this available. Whether I would buy it or not depends on my plans for the cruise, and that’s an individual decision. All of those things (minus bingo and pictures) are things that I am very likely to buy during a cruise vacation. But let’s take a look at the cost. The cruise I selected to test was a 7-night Caribbean itinerary departing Miami aboard Norwegian Getaway, the line’s newest vessel. I selected an aft balcony stateroom and added the “ALLIN” promo code when selecting stateroom options.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 8.29.04 AM

NCL’s website then gave me the price comparison, $1239 for the normal fare, or $2011 for the all inclusive rate.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 8.29.25 AM

There are some taxes and port charges to work in here too, but the price difference works out to roughly $800 per person, or $114.29 per person, per day. For many cruisers, that is a price point worth considering. For this cruiser in particular, who tends to frequent the specialty restaurants and up charge offerings as well as the bar, this could work out in my favor. At the very least, I’d be breaking even, and I’d go into the cruise knowing what what my final cost would be.

Like most things cruising, this is an individual decision. It can work out if you are one who takes advantage of the things offered in the package. If not, you’re probably better off without it.

-MJ, August 10, 2014