A pricey Chi hair dryer was easy to find at the Moon Palace in Cancun. Photo by Barb DeLollis.

A pricey Chi hair dryer was easy to find at the Moon Palace in Cancun. Photo by Barb DeLollis.

What’s your biggest hotel pet peeve besides the obvious one – pricey hotel Internet?

Some of my own pet peeves – like hard-to-find hair dryers – were recently included in reporter Joe Sharkey’s New York Times article headlined, “Expensive Internet and Other Hotel Pet Peeves (excerpt below), so I’m asking for your two cents here.

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I’ve been venting to hotel execs for years about the rotten job that most hotels do catering to women’s needs in the bathrooms, so I was glad to vent in the Times! What irks me? When hotels make it difficult to quickly find the hair dryer made by hiding it in an obscure bathroom cubby. My other big peeve: hotels that price room service at ridiculous levels.

Sharkey’s column listed a laundry list of other hotel pet peeves from road warriors. They may inspire you! Among them:

  • insufficient or hard-to-reach guest-room power outlets
  • a cigarette odor in a guest room
  • difficulty controlling room temperature
  • noise
  • weak water pressure
  • surprise fees
  • poor lighting
  • long check-in lines
  • ridiculously difficult-to-figure-out bedside clocks

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Readers: So where do you stand on the issue? What’s your biggest hotel pet peeve? (Excerpt from Sharkey’s piece below:)

Barbara DeLollis, who publishes a lively website called Travel Update With Barb DeLollis, thought for a bit before coming up with two peeves, and they’re pretty small beer.

One is not being able to find the hair dryer, as in when the device is hidden in a “hair-dryer space” or tucked into a fabric bag somewhere in a drawer or cubbyhole.

She also mentioned expensive room service, though she tends to avoid it. “In one luxury hotel, I once had a pot of coffee that cost $25,” she said. “It was good coffee, but really?”