“It’s a beautiful day for a baseball game, let’s play 2!”

Those immortal words from Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks echo through my head as I watch my beloved Yankees take the field for a summer game. It’s probably better that those words stayed in my head instead of leaking out the side of my mouth. Had my wife heard me utter those words, I think she would have tried to slap the crazy out of me.


Arriving to Yankee Stadium From the Subway

A beautifully orchestrated date weekend to New York City, also allowed for a bit of selfishness from the husband who made it happen. The date weekend in question also conveniently occurred  during a home stand for the Yankees. Conveniently I offered this bit of info to my wife. With full knowledge on what was taking place, she agreed to attend. I guess she figured if she could take advantage of a weekend with no spending limit (not exactly), she could suffer through three hours of baseball. It’s true, she’s no avid baseball fan. But, even she would suggest that if asked which team she prefers, the Yankees would be the obvious choice. At least it better be! It also helps the cause that an experience of watching the game at the stadium is much preferred over staring at the game on television.


There are many distractions at a game, especially when your choice of seats sits squarely in the middle of the Bleacher Creatures of section 203. No this was no mistake, this was an intended action.  See, my wife and I are not Broadway connoisseurs by any means. I would even suggest that we simply don’t like Broadway shows…at all. But if a show is in order for a trip to New York City, the creatures can provide that for us, albeit a much different scene, and dress code of course.

A Brief Yet Checkered History

For those not familiar with the Bleacher Creatures, they are a section of rowdy Yankee fans, who in their heyday, relentlessly tortured opposing teams’ right fielders. They are loud, proud, and local and accept very little in terms of critique of their allegiance. They have a checkered history of causing disturbances, have had the label of prohibition (no alcohol service for you youngins) slapped on their section of seats. And, at one time, they even had their own entrance to segregate them from the rest of the fans. They even are continuously threatened of their season tickets if they utter certain words, like “suck”. Yes “suck”. Not the biggie that starts with an “F”. As a matter of fact, that particular word gets uttered almost to the point of silliness. I’m sure if you sneeze, that would be the expected response.

Yes, I Sat Here on Purpose

It is evident from the time we take our seats; this will be like no other game we have ever attended. The hecklers begin almost immediately and don’t subsist for 9 straight innings. In between we hear the celebrated “Roll Call” of Yankees players that begins each game from the Bleacher Creatures. Like clockwork, each Yankee turns and gestures to the creatures.  You often wonder if it’s a sign of respect or simply a way to avoid the wrath of the section suddenly caving in on you. Either way, it is a special treat to see and watch the players, one by one, acknowledge the Bleacher Creatures.

Like any other game, the drama is on the field, but in section 203, the drama also finds its way to the stands. As an opposing fan, the option to choose this seat must be one of bravery and stupidity, all at once.  In the midst of a 3 hour game, we witness several fans thrown out, or should I say, conveniently escorted out. We see an opposing fan make the badly calculated response of throwing a punch at a Yankees fan, or was it the other way around. When you’re surrounded, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is getting the hell out of there at that point. Either way, the incident is here, but there is a bit of colorful language by the creatures. Nothing crazy, but just be aware.


And lastly, we saw an impressive home run ball from the opposing team land a few rows away and just as quickly thrown back into the field. We discovered, had that ball been held onto, the choir of madness would have certainly rained on that person for the rest of the game. It’s clearly a set of unwritten rules, but ones that must be adhered to enjoy the experience of the game.




The Yankees Lose but We Win!

What could have been a long boring afternoon for my wife turned out to be a parade of profanity laced with a few flying fists here and there.  Sprinkle in a gorgeous day,  some beers, garlic fries and the fact that we’re sitting in Yankee Stadium on an otherwise normal weekend and you can be sure of one thing. My plan worked! The message for you sports fans out there is simple. If you’re going to subject your significant other to an event on your trip that maybe doesn’t live up to their expectations, take the time to plan in out.  If possible look for what could make the event that much more exciting. I chose beer, bad language and a fight! Oh yeah, and some baseball. And honestly if I can make it happen here, I can make it happen anywhere. Thanks New York! Thanks Bleacher Creatures!

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