Luxembourg Airport has one lounge which is called The Lounge Luxembourg Airport according to the sign inside. Luxair’s web site shows it as “The Lounge By Luxair” so let’s assume one of these is correct.

Once you are through security screening at the airport, the lounge is on your left in a corridor. It is not particularly well marked or well branded, but as the only lounge in Luxembourg airport there is no mistaking what it is.

Welcome To The Lounge Luxembourg Airport

Attendants are situated at a desk just inside the door and they scan your boarding pass and let you in. Just inside the door is a wall full of newspapers and magazines including the Luxair inflight magazine Flydoscope.

Along the inside wall of the lounge are all the food options, while the opposite side features windows over the airport. Unfortunately there is a roof outside so you can’t see much apart from tails.

A fun feature of the lounge is the provision of device charging points. There are two banks of these and they’re bright orange which makes them easy to find.

There are various magazines available in a variety of languages. The Flydoscope magazine is also in two languages for everything so it is easy to read.

How Are The Toilets?

Surprisingly chic actually. Dark charcoal grey tiles and white give the facilities the look of a trendy nightclub. I think the effect works very well.

Urinals feature an aiming point in the form of a painted on fly. No more wondering where to direct your stream and no excuses for missing the thing altogether!

I’m Hungry, What Can I Eat?

Being a lounge on the European continent, the selection is particularly continental. I raced through taking photos of the food while bewildered business people looked on. First, a selection of meats, cheese and salad.

Next up there is bread, fruit, yoghurt and a bunch of condiments. People in the lounge are not shy at all about piling up their plates with food. One guy took almost an entire tray of salmon!

So after all of that, what did I decide to have? Remembering it is around eleven in the morning, this is what I decided to have as my breakfast before flying.

That is me eating lightly to save room for the food served on board the aircraft. Everything tasted great and I wish I could have had more.


Plenty of drinks are available in this lounge. Happily there is self-service Champagne, red wine, white wine, tea, and a fine array of spirits.

There are a couple of different coffee machines dispensing different types of coffee. Of course there are also plenty of soft drinks and bottled water.

Luxembourg Lounge Decor

All sorts of different types of seating are available in the lounge. The colour scheme is lime green, brown and natural wood. It is interesting enough.

Beside the window, the seats are arranged in groups of four with two different tables between them. One is a round table with two round leaves and the other a plan rectangle.

There is also at least one proper dining table, a bunch of easy chairs and a table with stools for people to work with their laptops.

Frankly some of it looks a bit like someone rumbled a jumble sale and grabbed anything they could get their hands on. The massage chair that looks like something out of a science fiction movie was broken when I visited. A shame.

Overall Thoughts

Delicious food, great drinks and questionable choices in furniture pretty much sum up The Lounge at Luxembourg Airport. To be honest, the food and drink are the most important points and they get this right so I like this lounge. Wireless Internet is free and fast by the way.

While the lounge is after security, it is before Passport control. When your flight says Go to Gate, I would advise going as the queue in Passport control can delay you a bit. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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