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Lufthansa’s Fantastic First Class from Frankfurt to New York

Lufthansa First Class Series:

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Part 3: Lufthansa First Class Frankfurt to New York

This trip had been in the works for months.  I first had the idea for this trip or a trip like this when I applied for the Avianca Vuela Visa Card.  I will have a separate post in the coming days on home to redeem LifeMiles for Lufthansa First Class, but essentially, I was able to use 60,000 LifeMiles I had earned just by applying for the card to pay for the majority of the ticket.  I had initially considered flying Swiss Business Class, Lufthansa Business Class, or even United PolarisBusiness.  It was until I discovered fantastic availability for Lufthansa’s First Class product did the idea pop into my head.  A few days before I was set to depart, I found a non-stop flight from Frankfurt to New York-JFK and decided to book it.

To fly this leg of the trip, I flew American to London and then Lufthansa to Frankfurt.  Around noon on Saturday, I left my hotel for the Lufthansa First Class Terminal even though my flight wouldn’t board for another four and a half hours.  In all, I spent nearly twelve hours with Lufthansa.  I loved every minute of my time with Lufthansa.  Here’s what it’s like to fly Lufthansa’s First Class.

The Itinerary

Airline, Flight NumberLufthansa LH404
Departure City/TimeFrankfurt (FRA)/5:31 PM
Arrival City/TimeNew York (JFK)/6:57 PM [Early]
AircraftAirbus a330-300 (D-AIKD)
Seat/Class of Service2A (First Class)
(Image: FlightRadar24)

(Image: FlightRadar24)


I arrived at the Lufthansa First Terminal around 12:15 in the afternoon.  There I was greeted by my personal assistant.  She opened the door to my taxi and offered to take my bags for me.  There’s a private security checkpoint just for the first class terminal.  I had secondary screening which meant the security screening process took a few minutes longer.  However, I was through security within five minutes.

From there, my personal assistant welcomed me to the terminal.  The terminal is massive and doubles as one of the most luxurious airline lounges I’ve ever visited.  I posted an entire review of the Lufthansa First Class Terminal which can be read here.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Seating Main Area

Lufthansa First Class Terminal Seating Main Area

Around 4:30 or so in the afternoon, my personal assistant came to my seat in the lounge and told me that boarding had commenced for my flight to New York.  I had been monitoring the seat map throughout the day and knew that there was only one other passenger on my flight.  That other passenger and I made our way to a bank of elevators which lead to the staging area for the luxury car transfers.  My personal assistant scanned my boarding pass and wish me a pleasant flight.  My driver offered to take a picture of me in front of the Mercedes-Benz we were taking to the aircraft.

Me enjoying the Lufthansa First Class luxury car transfer service.

Me enjoying the Lufthansa First Class luxury car transfer service.

The driver was very professional and took my luggage for me.  We drove out onto the tarmac and to the aircraft.  The drive took a little over five minutes.

I had my picture taken in front of the Airbus a330 I was flying over to New York.  Once my photo shoot was over, the driver took my roller-board carry-on and escorted me to the First Class jetway.  Once onboard I was greeted by the nicest and most welcoming crew I’ve ever encountered.

Me in front of the Airbus a330 that took me to New York

Me in front of the Airbus a330 that took me to New York

This was by far the most enjoyable boarding process I’ve ever experienced.

I stored by bags in the overhead bin and began to take some pictures of the cabin.  One of the first class flight attendants saw me taking pictures and offered to take a few of me seated in seat 2A.  I was hesitant, but she insisted.  Just before the photo shoot, I was presented with a French champagne and some macadamia nuts.

After my third photo shoot of the day, the flight attendants welcomed me on board and introduced themselves one by one.  This was by far the most personalized and professional service I’ve ever encountered on any flight.  One flight attendant brought me my onboard amenities which consisted of a Rimowa amenity kit, pajamas, slippers and duty-free magazine.

After conversing with the flight attendants about my travels and blogging, the doors were closed, and it was time to push back from the gate for the flight to New York.

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(Image: Lufthansa)

(Image: Lufthansa)

Lufthansa Flight 404; Frankfurt to New York

The Airbus a330 slowly climbed out of Frankfurt-Am-Main and turned left to reveal a fantastic view of Frankfurt.  Shortly after takeoff, we reached 10,000 feet, and a few of the first class flight attendants made their way out of the galley and began to prepare for service.

One of the flight attendants distributed hot towels.  I’m used to the little rolled up snot rags that US airlines offer on their flights, so I was surprised when I received a large towel (that was actually hot).  The towel was also infused with some citrus oil that made the towel smell fantastic.

Lufthansa First Class Hot Towel

Lufthansa First Class Hot Towel

After the hot towel service, the flight attendant who would serve me throughout the flight took my drink order.  I ordered still water with lemon.  She insisted that I try a more substantial beverage.  She went over the drink list, “We have gin, whiskey, soda, juice, and we have coffee!”  She was surprised that all I wanted at the moment was some still water.

When the flight attendant returned with my water, she delivered a starter dish, took meal orders, and asked if I would want the seat adjacent to me, made into a bed.  I ordered the caviar and requested that seat 2D be made into a bed.

Lufthansa First Class Meal Service

A few minutes later, the flight attendant brought out a cart with caviar, bread, and various sides.  She served the caviar in front of me and offered me fresh bread.  I went with some garlic bread and a pretzel.

I then requested a glass of champagne.  I was presented with the bottle of champagne and then she poured me a glass.  The champagne was phenomenal and very dry.  I’ve learned over the years that I seem to have a preference for dry champagne.

Once I finished up with the caviar, the flight attendant came to my seat and presented me with some appetizers.  I’m accustomed to the service offered by US carriers so I thought I could only choose one appetizer.  When I selected the tenderloin, the flight attendant was confused and responded, “Only one?”  I told her that one was okay.  She then took my order for the main course.

The tenderloin was fantastic and wasn’t too filling.  I’m glad I went with just one appetizer because, shortly after the appetizer, a large entree was presented.

Lufthansa First Class Appetizer

Lufthansa First Class Appetizer

For the main course, I went with the sous vide braised shoulder of lamb with fresh spinach and mashed artichoke.

The lamb was served with a flavorful sauce.  The lamb was very tender and not overly gamey.  The spinach was also cooked to perfection and tasted great.  I also enjoyed the mashed artichoke.

Shortly after the main course, I ordered the caramelized apple strudel with vanilla ice cream.  To accompany my dessert, I ordered an espresso.  A few minutes later, the flight attendant came down the aisle with a dessert tray and selection of cheeses.  I passed on the cheese (big mistake) and went with the apple strudel.

The strudel was fantastic.  It was full of flavor and the sauce in which it was served as to die for.  My espresso was also delicious and seemed authentic.  Lufthansa serves Nespresso espresso beverages on its long-haul flights.  I found the Nespresso espresso beverages to rival those served on American which also serves great espresso drinks.

After the first meal, I decided to explore the cabin and take some pictures.  It was also at this time that one of the flight attendants finished making my bed and set up the privacy dividers.  With only one other passenger in the cabin who ended up sleeping the entire flight, I felt like I was flying private.  To make the experience even more exclusive, Lufthansa features soundproof curtain dividers that actually keep both sound and light from the business class cabin out of the first class cabin.  Being one of two first class passengers was a fantastic and memorable experience.

Lufthansa First Class Cabin

The cabin is very open and has a premium feel to it.  There are just eight seats in first class.  Each seat reclines 180 degrees and can be made into a bed.  Additionally, a bar is set up at the front of the first class cabin allowing passengers quick access to a selection of drinks.

I choose seat 2A. However, I had access to both seat 2A and 2D.  It was almost as if I had my own little apartment.

Lufthansa First Class23MPP

Lufthansa First Class Seat 2A

Lufthansa First Class50MPP

Lufthansa First Class Bed

Each seat features a massive and padded reclining seat with retractable ottoman and privacy divider.  The seat is huge as is the space.  There is tons of storage and legroom.  The tray table is also generously sized. Additionally, a rose is placed at each seat which is an elegant touch.

In-flight entertainment consists of a 17-inch touchscreen with remote control, Bose headsets at each seat, and in-flight wifi (FlyNet).  Also at each seat is two AC power outlets and two USB outlets.I was able to stream five episodes of The Big Bang Theory on Netflix using the FlyNet.  The selection of on-demand movies, TV shows, music, and games offered through the in-flight monitors was also pretty substantial.  I also appreciated that Lufthansa doesn’t make you return your Bose headsets an hour before landing like some airlines.

I was able to stream five episodes of The Big Bang Theory on Netflix using the FlyNet.  The selection of on-demand movies, TV shows, music, and games offered through the in-flight monitors was also pretty substantial.  I also appreciated that Lufthansa doesn’t make you return your Bose headsets an hour prior to landing like some airlines.

Lufthansa’s First Class seat is by far the most comfortable first class seat I’ve ever experienced.  I can’t imagine that there’s another airline out there that offers a more comfortable seat.

Lufthansa also offers amenities in the first class lavatories.  The lavatory was also clean and featured a window which is very uncommon on US airlines.

Lufthansa also offers phenomenal turndown service on all long-haul flights.  I’ve had turndown service on two other airlines, and Lufthansa’s service is my far the best.  The mattress pad was thick and soft, the duvet had a luxurious feel and cooling touch, and the pillow was gigantic.  The bed was so comfortable that I had to fight off a nap as I didn’t want to waste any time sleeping.

Overall, I found the color scheme and feel of the cabin to be very premium and luxurious.  The warm colors are very calming and welcoming.  Additionally, I thought the branding of the cabin which is found on the bulkhead, wine buckets, and even the butter to be very luxurious.

Lufthansa First Class Second Meal Service

Roughly an hour and a half before landing the flight attendants came through the aisle to take my order.  I was offered four of the options, however, just decided to go with the Spanish Merienda and sorbet.  Just over an hour before the second meal service,  I enjoyed a second dessert and chocolates, so I thought it was best to cap my caloric intake for the day at 7500 calories.

Lufthansa First Class Chocolates

Lufthansa First Class Chocolates

The Spanish Merienda was fantastic.  I love meat and cheese spreads, so the chorizo, prosciutto, caviar, anchovies, and cheese really hit the spot.  I also enjoyed a second pretzel and a glass of aged whiskey.

Overall, it’s safe to say that the culinary experience on Lufthansa rivals any other experience I’ve had on any other airline or any other flight.  It was simply stunning.

Lufthansa First Class Crew

What really made this flight so amazing was the phenomenal crew.  From the moment I boarded till the moment I stepped off the aircraft, I knew I was in good hands.  The entire crew was extremely polite, welcoming, and professional.  Each first class flight attendant introduced themselves to me by name.  Additionally, any time they came to my seat, they called me “Mr. Prosperi.”  The attention to detail was flawless and spoiled me for any future flights.  The crew truly out the Lufthansa First Class experience over time top.

One event during the flight that really differentiated the service offered on Lufthansa and the service offered by US carriers was when I experienced issues with the in-flight wifi.  I told the crew about the issues I was having, and a few minutes later, the purse came to my seat.  She informed me that she had called Panasonic and ensured me that the system was down while we flew into another coverage zone.  Until that flight, I’ve never had a crew that would have been willing to make a call to Panasonic to ensure the comfort of an entire plane, let alone a single passenger.

What makes Lufthansa First Class such a tremendous experience is the dedicated crew in the air and on the ground.


Lufthansa First Class Rose

Lufthansa First Class Rose

I’m pretty sure that my experience on Lufthansa has wrecked any future flying for me.  It was a truly unique experience.  From the first class terminal, the car transfer, the fantastic culinary experience, to the crew, it was an experience I will never forget.  If you have some LifeMiles, Aeroplan Miles or Lufthansa Miles to burn look no further than Lufthansa First Class.  You won’t be let down by this experience.

Have you every flow Lufthansa First Class? What did you think about the experience?