Qatar Airways has one of the highest rated Business Class products in the sky today and this is only set to continue with the launch of the new QSuite. It is common knowledge that a new seat and product enhancements were on the way.

Today at the ITB Berlin trade show, the veil of secrecy lifted and we finally know what the new seat will look like.

QSuite For The Future

Seats appear to be in a yin yang configuration with some people flying forwards and some backwards. This is the configuration used at British Airways but the similarities end there. Qatar Airways seats are far more spacious and far more luxurious if the pictures are anything to go by.

In an interesting innovation, the centre four seats can slide across the TVs which divide the space. This opens up the dining table in the middle for use by everyone. A family of four can eat and fly together and any four people in a business party or group of friends could do the same.

All of the seats allow you to close yourself off from the aisle which creates a private cabin or QSuite. This is much more private than Qatar Airways current business class product which looks quite exposed to the aisle by comparison.

What is being touted as another first is the fact that the seats beside each other in the centre can convert to a double bed (see featured image at top). This is reminiscent of Singapore Airlines First Class Suites on the A380. As Qatar Airways rightly point out, this is a first for Business Class.

Solo Passengers By The Window

People flying alone are not left out either. Since the aircraft will be in a 1-2-1 configuration, solo passengers have their own seats beside the window. This is something I’ll certainly enjoy as I tend to always be flying on my own. Nothing is better than having aisle access and being able to see out the window.

Hashtags on Twitter and Instagram for the launch are #FirstInBusiness which is to reinforce the fact that Qatar Airways Business Class is as good as others First Class. It looks like this no idle boast.

QSuite Video

A video tour of the QSuite is online and I suggest you take a look at it. It gives a very good indication of how the dividers work in the centre four seats, which I found very interesting.

Also note the excellent details such as the stitching on the head rest and general quality leather look of the finish. A lot of thoughtful touches can be seen.

Service Enhancements

Meal service on board Qatar Airways in Business Class is already considered extremely good by passengers. You can dine on demand which is a concept that other airlines only offer in First Class. The airline plans further enhancements to the service with the launch of the new product.

Sharing dishes will be available for passengers who wish for a more social experience with the people they are flying with. In addition, an Express Breakfast option will be offered for anyone who plans to get as much sleep as possible when on board. This will be excellent for people travelling on business.

Overall Thoughts

Qatar Airways QSuite is a product for the future. It brings amenities hitherto only found in First Class cabins to Business Class. This should keep the airline at the top of the heap when it comes to airline quality. It appears the product will be rolled out across the Boeing 777 aircraft (which has the oldest current product) and without much delay to the rest of the fleet. Completion is expected in 2018.

What are your thoughts on this new product? I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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All images via Qatar Airways. Additional information from Yahoo! Finance and Australian Business Traveller.