Airport security is perhaps the most painful part of the whole flying experience. Passengers have to remove liquids and laptops from carry-on bags, which takes time and causes longer queues. Having to remove these really irritates me.

Some airports have replaced their normal machines with CT scanners. This means you can leave everything in your carry-on luggage, which is an excellent improvement.

Leave Liquids and Laptops In The Bag

Amsterdam Schiphol uses CT scanners, which I was reminded about when I departed from there the second time this year. Instead of the usual refrain from the staff about what to take out of your bag, the staff there tell you to leave everything inside the bag.

Of course, this causes the opposite of the usual confusion, as people are used to virtually having to strip naked and empty their bags at other airports. It is faster than the experience at other places.

The TSA in the United States is also introducing these scanners. You can find them in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, New York Kennedy, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Oakland, Phoenix, Washington National, St. Louis, Tampa and Washington Dulles.

Being more cautious than their European counterparts, the American’s allow laptops to remain in the bag, but liquids must still be removed and displayed. According to the TSA web site, the plan is to allow liquids to remain in the bag in the future.

The Future Is Here!

London Heathrow Airport have announced they are investing in the technology, after a successful trial that started in 2017. They hope to have the airport fully covered with CT scanners by 2022 at a cost of £50 million.

Other airports are sure to follow suit, however it is going to be some time until this is available worldwide. Considering the liquids ban came into effect due to one incident one time, I’d argue it’s time to remove it altogether.

Overall Thoughts

While the technology is not cheap, airports around the world should put the purchase of these scanners on the fast-track. Being able to keep liquids and laptops in your carry-on will address one of the main pain points of the whole airport security process.

What do you think of this? Should it be rolled out or are you happy with things as they are? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

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Airport CT Scanner by TSA via Los Angeles Times.
Schiphol CT Scanner via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.