Aer Lingus have a serious game going on when it comes to buns. This is a story of a flight where the buns were remarkable in two quite different ways.

In the terminal, I swung by the check-in desk to ask if I could be seated further towards the front. In a second a boarding pass was issued for row two, which suited me just fine. Schiphol Airport is quite large, however it is generally easy to navigate and I was over at the D gates relatively unscathed.

Finding a seat was relatively easy and I waited for our Aer Lingus aircraft to arrive. In the meantime, I got to watch all sorts of planes taxi past the nearby windows.

EI609 – Amsterdam to Dublin (AMS-DUB)
22 May 2019
Airbus A320 – EI-DEO – St. Sebastian
Seat: Economy 2A
Departure: 17:15 Arrival: 18:25

The time of today’s flight meant a quite long Priority Boarding queue. I joined everyone waiting and once boarding commenced, we were on board quickly enough. Once seated, I checked out the leg room.

Of course, this is usually always ample for me as I don’t tend to take up a hell of a lot of room. Quite frankly I was pleased I was able to sit near the front as it meant a far quicker exit at the end of the flight.

When it comes to buns, the Aer Lingus cabin crew certainly have strong form in this area. Those buns above are textbook examples of how they should be, so I was impressed!

Snack Time

Once on board, we headed out to the furthest runway at Amsterdam Schiphol which feels like you’re actually taxiing to your destination. Soon enough we were in the air, whereupon the crew took their break.

Half an hour or so into the flight, the on board service finally began. My heart was set on trying the new Mac & Cheese pie and after ordering, the crew chatted between themselves and said they were down the back and they would organise getting one for me.

It turns out there were no Mac & Cheese Pies and there were no Guinness Slices either, which would have been my second choice. Instead they had a Bacon and Sausage Baguette (which I purchased) and something else as the hot items. I also bought a water to go with it.

Let’s talk about the buns on this baguette. Rock solid and actually painful to eat. The roof of my mouth was quite painful after being scraped by the jagged edges of the bun, so it was not a pleasant eating experience. It was also dry, having presumably been heated for too long. Not great at all. After circling Dublin for quite some time, we eventually landed around half an hour late.

Overall Thoughts

Apart from the wait, the cabin crew provided excellent service on this sector. They were as friendly and nice as the ones on my outbound flight. Weirdly, there were no announcements from the pilots, despite the flight being delayed.

It is unfortunate when airlines run out of food choices, especially when they have none of someone’s first or second choice. I guess it does reduce waste, so there is that argument for not over catering, though it does mar the passenger experience a little.

Have you tried the Aer Lingus Bia menu before? What do you think of the offering? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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