Jurys Inn are a chain of hotels hailing from Ireland which are found throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom. There is also one hotel in Prague. These hotels are aimed at people in the middle of the market and most properties are rated 3 stars.

In Belfast, the Jurys Inn has recently completed a total refurbishment so I thought I would give it a try. The hotel is located in the city centre near the Grand Opera House and a minute or so walk from the Europa Bus Centre.

Jury’s Inn Belfast Check-In

Arriving at Belfast Central Station after a pleasant trip on the Enterprise train from Dublin, I walked the ten minutes to the hotel. A friendly staff member processed my check-in which took a little bit of time. In between serving me she took one phone call and radioed someone as well.

I called the hotel a couple of weeks beforehand and asked how much extra it would be for an Executive Room. Quoted £30 for the night, I decided to take it. Your credit card is pre-authorised and then your key card is issued with instructions to hold it against the pad beside the lifts to make them work.

Once on your floor, it is easy to find your room. The doors also require your card to be held against a small pad under the handle and this is how the door opens.

Executive rooms are located on the top floor of the hotel away from any hustle and bustle. It is virtually silent in the corridors which is welcome for relaxing.

Executive Room

These rooms at Jurys Inn Belfast feature a King size bed with four pillows arranged in an interesting manner. Wireless Internet is provided as both a free and premium service. I used the free service on two devices and found it perfectly fine for web browsing.

There is a chair and a round table which is handy for when you eat room service. Across from the bed is the combination desk, television, safe and mini-fridge location. The outlet at the desk features USB as well as standard power.

Inside the fridge are two complimentary Kit-Kat chocolates and on the desk are two complimentary bottles of water. I do believe these are exclusive to Executive rooms.

Rooms at this hotel do not feature air conditioning which is evident as a fan is provided in the wardrobe. This is also where the ironing board and extra towels are located.

How About The Bathroom?

Bathrooms in the Jurys Inn Belfast Executive rooms feature a bath tub with a shower over it. Water pressure on the top floor is phenomenal and fills the bath in under five minutes. Most hotels have water pressure that takes ages to fill a bath so this is quite impressive!

Gilchrist & Soames products are provided and these are body lotion, conditioner, shampoo and body wash. There is also soap and a shower cap as well as the usual towels.

A little bit of wear is already showing in this bathroom. For example, one of the handles in the bath is loose and there is a mark on the wall. Minor details but a shame for something refurbished so recently.

Room Service at Jurys Inn Belfast

As I was hungover from an extended dinner and drinks the night before, room service was inevitable. Trays attract a £4.95 delivery charge which I think is a bit steep. The menu is the same in all the Jurys Inn Hotels it seems and you can find it here.

The Empanadas and Roasted Potato Skins both attracted my attention for £6.50 and £7.50 respectively. Skin on Fries for £3.50, an Ice Cream Sundae for £5.00 and a large bottle of water completed the meal.

Delivery takes around half an hour. Unfortunately, the advertised Empanadas comprise of a single Empanada which is a shame. Both this dish and the potato skins are quite fine.

Condiments come with your tray so you can throw ketchup (tomato sauce), vinegar or mayonnaise on your chips. The ice cream sundae is very large and quite filling. Quality of it all is what you would expect in a 3 star hotel. It is all fine.

Overall Thoughts

Jurys Inn Belfast is a perfectly nice place to stay. The room decor is relaxing, the bed is comfortable and happily the windows open to let in the fresh air on warm evenings. All the employees I encountered were friendly, from the two different people at the front desk to the girl who brought my room service.

Room service is okay however I would probably recommend checking out restaurants in Belfast over eating dinner in the hotel. I find the price excessively high for the quality of the food that you get in return, especially considering there is also a tray charge on top. Despite this, the hotel is certainly okay to stay in.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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