Last call on some interesting promotions from IHG and SPG. IHG Mystery Bonus offers up to 100% points until July 12th, whereas SPG 35% discount on points purchase ends on July 14th.

IHG Mystery Bonus

IHG is running a Mystery Bonus event with up to 100% bonus on the next purchase of points. This bonus offer is available until the end of the day today – July 12, 2017.

 The bonus is triggered with a minimum purchase of 5000 points (10K with bonus) for $67.50 USD to a maximum of 60,000 points (120k with bonus) for $690 USD @0.575 cents per point. 

Unfortunately, my accounts were only offered a 50% bonus which does not make it appealing to purchase. Hope your accounts were targeted with 100% bonus and you are able to make use of this opportunity.

SPG 35% discount

My Mystery Bonus, a paltry 50%!

SPG 35% discount

60,000 points (120k with bonus) for $690 USD @0.575 cents per point

Reminder that members may purchase (or receive as gift) a maximum of 60,000 points per calendar year. Normally, points purchased post and appear in account within 24 hours, but can take unto 72 hours in some cases.

I don’t recommend buying points just to fatten your account balance. However, with a specific use in mind this promotion can be very handy.Golden rule is to not purchase points unless you plan to use it within a calendar year.

SPG Sale – 35% discount

Until July 14, 2017, SPG is offering a 35% discount on points purchase . You can maximize on the sale by purchasing up to 30,000 starpoints for $682.50 USD @ 2.275 cents per point.

SPG 35% discount

SPG 35% discount

30,000 starpoints for $682.50 USD @ 2.275 cents per point

 SPG limits purchase up to 30,000 per account per calendar year. But you can further leverage this sale by gifting additional points to other accounts and later transfer them to your primary account. The transfer is free as long as the address on the accounts match (30 day minimum). Note that Starpoints purchased do not count toward elite status.

SPG points transfer 1:1 to several airline miles with 5K bonus on every 20K transferred. More importantly, SPG transfers to Marriott 1:3 and you can really scale this promotion, like I did when I converted 90K starpoints into 150K Aeroplan + 7 night Marriott certificate.


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