Do you frequently fly between the U.S. and Asia?

If you do, you’ll be interested in the Centre for (CAPA)’s Sept. 13 in-depth analysis of planned and possible changes to Japan Airlines’ international network.

The airline (JAL) emerged from bankruptcy in March 2011. CAPA’s analysis shows that JAL has since been growing the network it shrank during its financial problems.

Click on the article for the full read. But if you’re squeezed for time, I’ve pulled out a few highlights for Travel Update‘s travel-savvy readers. (Don’t forget you can can subscribe to Travel Update’s free email newsletter for a daily round-up of headlines.) Based on CAPA’s analysis:

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  • JAL’s international network has been growing, but it’s still “about a third smaller” than 2009 before JAL’s restructuring when it dropped money losing routes
  • In recent years, JAL focused on new service, such as to Boston and San Diego
  • JAL is also reviving former routes, such as the second daily New York service
  • JAL is also reviving the former Osaka-Los Angeles in March 2015, which it last served in 2006. It will serve the market with a  787-8 (about 161 passengers) instead of the prior aircraft – a 747-400 (about 300 passengers)
  • JAL is considering resuming Sao Paolo service, “likely via New York”

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Readers: Is there an international route that you wish JAL or another airline would either launch or revive? Which one and why?