Do you have a routine when you’re 30,000 feet in the sky for work?

I’m posing this question after my recent conversation with U.S. Army Brigadier General Glenn Goddard, one of the many bloggers who flies frequently for his or her demanding jobs.

And Goddard has a very specific flying routine, which – during our conversation – I realized that it might just be the only travel topic that I have never written about!

(Goddard, by the way, co-writes The Military Frequent Flyer with Andy Sheep, a doctor and lieutenant commander in the US Navy.)

“Flying is for reading,” he told me.

When he drives, he listens to podcasts to educate himself. But when he’s in the air, he is a voracious reader usually of non-fiction books or pieces about current events.

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“You’re isolated from all the distractions. It’s ‘me’ time,” Goddard told me.

“I love to read and I need to be well-read and top of current events for what I do,” Goddard told me. “So for a short flight, I might read magazine articles or articles that someone sent me. Long flights are great for a book. You have time to really get into it. I can spend hours in a book in lieu of the latest movie.”

Right now, he’s reading the latest Freakonomics book.

Readers: What do you usually do on flights when traveling for work?

U.S. Army Brigadier General Glenn Goddard reads on a recent flight. Photo courtesy of Goddard.