A Cleveland man alleges in a federal lawsuit that the TSA is to blame for the spreading of his late mother’s cremated ashes in his suitcase, CleveScene.com reports.

The man last year flew from Cleveland to Puerto Rico via Washington Dulles to put his mother’s remains – as requested – into the sea, says the article, which includes a link to the court filing.

But when the man opened his suitcase in San Juan, he says in the court filing that he discovered a TSA inspection notice and ashes that had spilled from the covered urn. The man notes in the filing that no one from the TSA sent him an apology.

A June 2012 TSA blog post includes a link to “guidelines for traveling with crematory remains,” but when I clicked on it, a “not found” message came up. The post notes that some airlines don’t allow crematory remains as checked baggage and advises readers to check with their airline first.

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