Starting November 1, 2018, Hyatt changed their policy regarding free breakfast at their Hyatt Place hotels. Free breakfast for all guests had been a staple amenity for the brand, so a change of this sort was unwelcome. Granted, a good number of people are unaffected. I’ve never booked a Hyatt Place through an third-party online travel agency. Booking direct with Hyatt (typically on points) has been my MO.

However, I have been curious if and how the Hyatt Place free breakfast for members policy actually works, and if it policed. I’ve had four stays at Hyatt Place hotels since this policy was enacted. Here’s how my experiences stack up:

Hyatt Place Free Breakfast for Members Policy

It’s an admittedly small sample size, but if my experience is at all the norm among Hyatt Place hotels, they really didn’t change anything. My four stays were at the:

In all cases, the breakfast was not monitored. There were staff around, but every single one was focused on restocking food or beverages. None of them were policing the entrance or asking guests if they booked direct with Hyatt. The only policing in effect (at two of the four) was a sign.

Hyatt Place Free Breakfast for Members enforced

In addition, none of the hotels even mentioned the free breakfast benefit at check-in beyond stating “breakfast is from 6:30-9:30”, or whatever the hours are. None of them remarked that it is only for members who booked directly with Hyatt. I would certainly be included in that number, so it either was overkill to say any more, or they only call out the issue when they check someone in who booked through a third-party.

So while there are signs around the hotels saying “mornings are for members”, there is really no teeth to the policy, at least in my experience.


Hyatt Place is one of my favorite family hotel brands, mainly due to the 5-person or 6-person occupancy of their standard rooms. A room with two double or two queen beds plus a sofa bed is a winner for almost any family. The free breakfast benefit is also a perk, and while I would personally abide by the restrictions Hyatt lays out on it, individual Hyatt Place hotels don’t exactly do a good job about enforcing the policy. It has to simply be too difficult and costly for them to add a staff member to serve this role. Plus, who wants to constantly tell people no? It would be an awful job.

What is your experience with the Hyatt Place free breakfast for members enforcement? Have you ever seen anyone policing the dining area?