A press release is a pretty important tool to get your message out to the wider world. Many businesses issue them and usually they are free of mistakes, which is a good thing.

Occasionally, there may be a one off typo, which is fine as nobody is perfect. I was reading through a piece issued by British Airways recently and found so many errors that I had to give it some attention.

Press Release Mistakes

Have a look at the press release here and see if you can find all the errors. Now here are the ones I managed to find, coming to a grand total of six.

First up we have the word “mottos” which is incorrectly spelled as “motos”. I thought that was the only mistake, so I read on, carefree, until I stumbled upon the next one.

This one can probably be forgiven, as it’s just a missing full stop at the end of the sentence. Following that is another one, which is a whole extra word.

Clearly, the last sentence has an extra “her”, in the part “The museum told her the BA Magic team at British Airways of her story”. Following that is a superfluous comma in the last line here.

They are pretty minor compared to the next one, where the lady is apparently donating people to the airline’s museum. It should be “correspondence” as “correspondents” are something else entirely.

Finally, we have a missing apostrophe in the word “its”. In this instance, the phrase is short for “it is” so it should read “it’s”. Proper punctuation is important!

That was all I could find, though I really didn’t set out to find any. After so many of them, I couldn’t resist pointing them all out, as it was such a surprise.

Overall Thoughts

Perhaps the work experience kid was given a go at crafting a press release. Or, maybe the person writing it does not have English as their first language, in which case it’s probably more understandable.

Even so, this press release was issued by a major global airline and someone should have proof read it before it was issued. Mistakes and typos do happen, however this is particularly shoddy. Far be it for me to cast aspersions as though I am perfect, as I know there are sometimes errors in what I write too.

Did you manage to find the errors in the press release? What did you think of it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Krzysztof Kowalik via Unsplash.