Air India have a long history of flying, commencing services in 1932. During the 1960s, the airline operated the Boeing 707-437 which appears in the video below.

It is called “About Air Safety” according to the YouTube link. I am not entirely sure why as it shows more of an operational aspect to things rather then pure safety.

Air India Boeing 707 Video

The ten minute video is really very interesting. One of the things I particularly like is the fact that it shows Air Traffic Control giving landing directions. It is pretty much exactly like the ones given at the end of the movie Airport which says a lot for that films accuracy.

Also interesting is how they use the word “jet” in the call sign for the airline over the radio. As it was shot in 1961, jet aircraft still weren’t all that common. The 707 would have been brand new at Air India at the time.

First class looks pretty comfortable and I note the divider to economy class is a full wall, complete with a door. Not only are economy class segregated from first class on Air India, but you can’t even see what you’re missing up front!

From six minutes for about fifteen seconds, the aircraft changes from a 707 to what looks like a DC-6. Overlooking that, the rest of the film is quite good.

Overall Thoughts

I quite like seeing how things were done in the past. It is fascinating to see which things have stayed the same and which have changed quite a bit. For example, New York’s main airport is still called Idlewild in this video.

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Featured image by Steve Fitzgerald via Wikimedia Commons.