Last week I wrote a post about a targeted email I got from IHG offering me 10,000 points if I signed up for their Ambassador Status (normally $200). At the time, I wasn’t that interested given that I think paying for status is generally stupid. Well after clicking on the offer, they also gave me the option to use 32,000 to cover the cost. While, 22,000 points was a bit better than $200 or 32,000 points, I still wasn’t a buyer at that price.

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Thanks to our Commenters

After posting, a commenter reminded me that this offer would probably stack with my Accelerate promo which offered 5,000 points for becoming an Ambassador. Now we’re getting closer. Shortly after that, another commenter shared his experience getting 10% back when using points to pay for his Ambassador status since he is an IHG credit card holder. Since I too have the IHG card, I calculated that I could get 10% back off of the 32,000 and get 15,000 points from the 2 promos mentioned above, ending up with a net cost of 13,800 points. Not a bad deal.

The Math: (32,000)(.9) – 10,000 – 5,000 = 13,800

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Will it Work?

I read all of the fine print and it didn’t say anything about “cannot be combined with any other offers.” So I called up IHG Rewards to verify that I would be eligible for both targeted promotions and the 10% back. They did not see any reason that I couldn’t stack the offers, so I pulled the trigger.

Welcome to Ambassador Status!

Final Thoughts

If you were targeted for these combined offers and have some IHG points to spare, I’d jump on it. Ambassador status may not be to the level of SPG Platinum ro Hyatt Globalist, but they do offer some nice perks. One of the benefits I look forward to is the BOGO weekend night discount. I’ll be using that on my upcoming trips to Fiji and Sydney.

Do you have (or previously had) IHG Ambassador? What do you think of it?