A word of caution to those who are considering moving their Iberia Plus Avios obtained through the recent 9,000 point per flight promo, over to British Airways. I checked my point balance this morning, and they’re gone. I decided to move my points over on the 28th after news broke that Iberia was no longer restricting transfers. I tend to use my One World currencies for domestic American Airlines flights, and I’ve found working with Iberia to book anything of this nature is a nightmare. I find BA Executive Club’s website shows more AA flights than Iberia’s does, so for me it was worth the risk. Plus, I don’t really care if my Iberia Plus account goes negative after December 1st. I’m not planning a trip to Europe any time soon.

When I transferred my Avios last week, everything went fine, the points showed up in my BA account and my Iberia balance was at 0. But when I checked BA this morning (out of points paranoia), this is what I found:


I called Executive Club to figure out what happened and they told me that because I had not made a redemption since 2015, they immediately EXPIRED my 90,000 point transfer when it hit the account! I told them that was crazy and by moving points into my account, that should keep it in active status, right? No dice…

The Executive Club Rep I spoke with put in a request for an exception, but he doesn’t think that I’ll get one. His advice was to make a purchase through the British Airways Shopping Portal today to show some activity before my exception is reviewed.  Simply transferring points in from Chase, Amex or Iberia Plus does not keep your account in active status. I asked if there was a way to just move the points back to Iberia, to which he quickly said ,“no.” I hung up and called again, only to get the same answer.

I’ll have to wait 7 business days to find out the fate of my Avios, but I wanted to warn all of you that If you don’t have a very active Executive Club account, don’t move your Promo Iberia Plus Avios over. They got me good. I’ll keep you all posted on status of my request.