With Caesars Diamond Status, Diamond and Seven Stars members are entitled to two free show tickets once a month in Las Vegas. I achieved Caesars Diamond Status from: Hilton Diamond to Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Rewards Diamond!

Free Show Benefit:

There are plenty of shows to choose from, and at the rewards desk they have a nice handy list for you to see all the options.

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Wow was Sold Out! That’s okay, we took free show tickets to Penn and Teller:

First, we tried getting tickets for Wow. This is the water show/Cirque Du Soleil knockoff. Unfortunately, it was sold out for our dates. Next, we asked if Penn and Teller was available and they said yes! It was perfect, as the show is hosted at the Rio and we were staying there. That was definitely the highlight of the stay as the rooms were horrible lol! a group of people standing in a large hall

We got amazing seats, near the front of the stage! After the show, I checked Ticketmaster, and our seats were $85 worth each! I enjoyed the show, but definitely don’t think it’s worth $85. In my opinion, it’s probably worth more in the $40s, and I hear if you want to see it they often have coupons on like Groupon and such. The magic tricks were great, although I did feel the beginning of the show was a bit slow, which is kinda annoying when the show is only 90 minutes long. Penn likes to talk a lot, and sometimes it drags on a bit too much.

Free Show Tickets

The Verdict:

Certainly, I’m glad I used the free show benefit and got to see Penn and Teller! This is an awesome perk of Caesars Diamond status. Hopefully I get to see Wow next time!

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