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This is something I have heard about for a while but have never taken advantage of. The Capital One Cafe is designed to be a community space where you can grab a snack or handcrafted coffee or tea beverage, utilize coworking spaces, have free Wi-Fi and outlets, and chat with Café Ambassadors about local events or Capital One products and services. There are currently around 50 cafes spread out across 18 states and DC.

The Deal:

I’ve heard about getting 50% off coffee before at a Capital One Cafe as I hold the Capital One Venture X Card. I have passed by locations before, but I was never in the mood for coffee. Until last week, when I was strolling through New York City on 59th and Lexington, and saw a Capital One Cafe with a Verve Coffee Shop inside. I was thirsty, so it was a perfect time to try one out. Interestingly enough, this is the only current Capital One Cafe in New York that shows up on their website. It seems that there is another one in Union Square at the flagship branch and it serves Peet’s Coffee.

The cafe itself was quite spacious, with plenty of seating options. On the other end, it was connected to an actual Capital One Bank, but the bank itself was closed when I visited. At the time of my visit, the cafe at 59th and Lexington is open from 7:30 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, and from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Capital One Cafe

Capital One Cafe New York

Handcrafted beverages are 50% off when you pay with a Capital One card, and there’s a large sign at the payment counter to remind you.

Capital One Cafe

50% off handcrafted beverages

I ordered one of the specials, which was a Matcha Lemonade.  They proactively asked if I was a Capital One cardholder and I showed my Venture X, and I got my 50% off applied. The regular price was $5.50 which is on par with nearby coffee shops, and the 50% off made it just $2.75! A great deal if you ask me.

My drink was quite good, so I will definitely be back to try a coffee drink next time.

The Verdict:

Overall, I think having 50% at a coffee shop for being a Capital One cardholder is a great perk that I plan to use more often. Plus, the Capital One Cafe I visited felt quite luxurious, which made for a nice environment.


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