During my visit to Miami, my parents and I wanted a rental car for a day trip to Key West and Naples. I never thought I’d end up with a Mercedes rental car! The last time I was in a Mercedes rental car was when my friends and I used car2go in Denver. car2go only rented out smart cars and Mercedes Benz GLA’s and CLA’s. I reviewed the Mercedes Benz GLA with car2go a few years ago.

Arriving to see Tesla’s?

My hotel was in Coconut Grove, which is about 5 miles south of Downtown Miami. The closest rental company was Enterprise in Coral Gables at the Shops at Merrick Park. We booked a Premium Special Car (Chrysler 300 or similar) as it was only about $5 a day more than a Midsize (Toyota Camry).

The day we arrived, the first thing I noticed was that this location had a TON of fancy cars. They had a whole row of Tesla Model S, and I saw about 3-4 Mercedes-Benz GLC’s (midsize SUV).

a group of black cars parked in a parking lot

What neighborhood rental car location is stocked with Tesla’s?

Inquiring about a Mercedes Rental Car…

So, at the desk we were told that our car for the Premium Special would be a Chevy Impala. A nice car, but I was curious how much more the Mercedes GLC SUV would be.

The friendly agent did some typing in the computer, and told us it wouldn’t be too much more as they have a decent amount of them!

He then said: $16 a day!

Whaaaat? Of course we took the upgrade! We were then assigned a nice, new blue Mercedes Benz GLC with only 600 miles on it. I remember when it was super expensive to get a German luxury vehicle, but now boy have times changed! Just last month we got a BMW X3 at the Alamo at Dallas-Forth Worth.

Mercedes Rental Car

Moral of the story: It never hurts to ask how much a upgrade would be! Especially if there are tons of the car type that you want sitting in the lot!

The Verdict: Mercedes Rental Car

It was fun doing day trips in the Mercedes GLC! Very comfortable for the passenger aka me. (Dad probably enjoyed it more than me as he got to drive it…) It never hurts to ask for an upgrade!

Have you had a Mercedes Rental Car before? Comment below!

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