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Experience Tahiti Village Resort & Spa in Las Vegas

This timeshare presentation included a complimentary three night, four day stay in their Moorea one bedroom suite, as well as $125 in American Express gift cards (refund of your deposit) and two show tickets. However, when I signed up they promised me the $125 refund and an additional $125 in gift cards, totaling $250. It was not too much of an ordeal to get them to honor their promise, but still was an inconvienence none the less. While the property is decent, the highlight for us is their shuttle service – to the Strip, Fremont Street, as well as local attractions such as Red Rock and outlet shopping. I would be happy to do another presentation in the future.



First of all, for those who are not familiar, a timeshare is a deeded ownership to a property, usually consisting of one week at the property or a bundle of points to be spent on a combination of nights. Also, they typically are sold in a presentation format, where they show you the benefits of ownership, including a tour of the resort, finally culminating in the sales pitch and options by associates and managers.

Our Timeshare Experience

On my earlier trip to Las Vegas, we stayed at the Venetian. At the main street entrance, next to Lavo Restaurant, they have a marketing and sales booth, promoting Tahiti Village and the timeshare package. For a $125 deposit, you receive a three night stay and two show tickets. As previously mentioned, show tickets are not a priority for us, so we got them to agree to the three nights and $125 in American Express gift cards, on top of the deposit refund.

Our presentation was more typical of timeshares. We started in a small group setting, moved to a larger room with our representative to discuss, took a tour of the property, and returned to the conference room to listen to options. It was roughly two hours, and about an average experience. Because they were down a manager due to the holiday, the pressure was not as light – once they realized we were not interested, the manager said to “cut us loose”.

It took several back-and-forths with various associates and managers to convey my issue with payment, but they were able to resolve the situation with a total of $250 in gift cards as our takeaway gift. Very professionally handled, and I was pleased.

Timeshare Details

Their timeshare points packages were $10K and up, with lower yearly maintenance fees ($350+), most likely due to the lower number of properties (~10) mostly in Hawaii. $10K would be two to four weeks every other year in a one bedroom suite. Additionally, they had an interesting partnership with RCI, offering platinum status and a refund of transfer fees – but in a special “savings account” valid only on restaurants, merchandise, etc.



The lobby is spacious, with separate lines at check-in for owners versus guests. Across from check-in is a concierge table, where you can reserve shuttle spots for excursions to Red Rock and Fremont Street, and get tickets to attractions. The whole lobby smells strongly of a Nivea coconut lotion or body wash. Along with the floral patterns, it is designed to immerse yourself in the Tahiti mindset. Our room in the “new tower” was several minutes walk away from the lobby.

Lobby, from Tahiti Village Resort website

Lobby, from Tahiti Village Resort website

Moorea floor plan, from Tahiti Village Resort website

Moorea one bedroom floor plan, from Tahiti Village Resort website



In the one bedroom Moorea suite, we took a quick look about. Everything seemed of average quality and dated, such as old style shower doors. Additionally, throughout the first evening we noticed a smell like burnt hair or hairdryer set on high, in both the bedroom and the living room. We appreciated the full kitchenette, a rarity in hotels.


Hotel Space / Ambiance

As a result of being a resort-style property, Tahiti Village is designed for families and couples, with resort activities catering to them. We saw many families and children, as well as older couples. It has a calm, relaxing atmosphere, accentuated with barbecue pits and a lazy river spanning the entire resort.

The “activity room” in our tower was quite sad, with a broken foosball table, board games, and an air hockey table we did not use. Foosball is a previous hobby of mine, but when the players broke off it just made me want to leave.

Resort view, from Tahiti Village Resort website

Resort view, from Tahiti Village Resort website


Food & Drink

They have a small restaurant in 17° Booze and Bites. Although, why eat here, when you can go to the Las Vegas Strip or Fremont Experience and enjoy all the offerings there?



We checked out the gym, which seemed a bit small for the entire resort. It also seemed a bit cramped, as if all the machines were too close together. Many guests enjoyed the large pool and lazy river.



We appreciated the free internet and lack of resort fees at Tahiti Village. They did their best trying to sell to us, but our first impression of the resort quality was middling at best. Should you stay here, be sure to take liberal use of their Strip shuttle, which goes every half hour until midnight. We attempted to go to Red Rock, roughly 17 miles away, but the concierge reported that the shuttle was full. Shuttles tend to take longer to travel and typically are thick with smoke, but are convenient for resort guests. Tahiti Village does not have a casino, and there are none within walking distance. However, those shuttles will help get you where you need to go. Lastly, if Tahiti Village was available, we would be happy to sit through another presentation and enjoy the resort benefits.

See if you qualify for a free stay here!


Featured image from Tahiti Village Resort website


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