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Experience Marriott Vacation Club at the Grand Chateau, Las Vegas

A Marriott Vacation Club property, the Grand Chateau is situated directly across from the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood, next to the Polo Towers on East Harmon Ave. It is about a 3 minute walk from Las Vegas Boulevard, more commonly known as the Las Vegas Strip. As it is part of the Vacation Club, you can participate in a timeshare presentation (as we did). For a 90 minute presentation (which in reality is closer to two to two and a half hours) you can walk away with one of several gift options. More details below!



First of all, for those who are not familiar, a timeshare is a deeded ownership to a property, typically consisting of one week at the property or a bundle of points to be spent on a combination of nights. Also, they typically are sold in a presentation format, where they show you the benefits of ownership, including a tour of the resort, finally culminating in the sales pitch and options by associates and managers.

Our Timeshare Experience

During our stay, we inquired with the concierge about the timeshare presentations and offerings. Initially, we were offered 10,000 Marriott Rewards points, $100 in American Express gift cards, or two show tickets. However, as the best option (for us) of $100 only equated to roughly $25/person/hour, we declined and headed back up to our room. Once inside, however, we got a call upping their offer to 20,000 points or $150 in Amex gift cards. This was a more beneficial deal, and we booked our presentation for the following morning. For us, as we do not attend shows, the value of those tickets was approximately $0.

Our interaction was very intimate and not in a huge group setting. Bonus points to the wonderful associate who, for the most part, related well to us and our jetsetting, points-travelling ways. He did try to use a value comparison, pushing the “ROI is in 7 years” on us, showing us extremely expensive resorts (where we would not otherwise go) and how much we would “save” by joining the Club. Ultimately, it clocked in at closer to two and a half hours, but it was one of the better experiences we had. The $150 helped fill the hole from gambling.

Their timeshare points packages were $10-20K for ~2-4 weeks per year, with an additional ~$0.53/point in yearly maintenance fees (~$500-800). I could potentially see us joining something like this in the far, far future, but for now, it does not meet our needs or lifestyle.



The lobby was nice, with ample seating area. Check-in is on the left directly after entering, with a large pop-up advertising the various resort activities available for guests. The associate at checkin was courteous but refused any upgrades or amenities. As it is a Marriott Vacation Club property, Marriott Rewards Status and upgrades were not honored, and anything that you needed would be available for purchase. A bit disappointing, but it is the closest Marriott property to the Strip (other than the affiliated hotel, the Cosmopolitan).



We were in a 435 square foot Guest Room, the size of a Studio space. While it is a resort, our smaller guest room was a bit older, and did not have a kitchen area. It did have a refrigerator and microwave, but typically you would expect a stovetop area from timeshare properties. Nothing special or out of the ordinary, but it sufficed.


Hotel Space / Ambiance

As a result of being a resort-style property, the Grand Chateau is designed for families, with resort activities catering to them. We saw many groups coming and going, young and old, couples, families, etc.


Food & Drink

No dedicated restaurant for our disappeared Marriott Platinum breakfast, although they did have a Marketplace eatery for grab and go options. As we were close to the Strip and the many offerings there, we did not eat or drink at the hotel.



As it was Vegas, we did not check out the gym. However, it has a splendid pool on the rooftop with an excellent view.



Slow, slow internet. Are you kidding me?

Slow, slow internet. Are you kidding me?

One of the minor perks of this place was the free internet for guests, with no resort fee. This is significantly different from the main hotels on the strip, where fees can be upwards of $30+, not including tax! Furthermore, those places may give you slow, slow internet for up to two devices, and there usually is an upcharge option. At the Grand Chateau, the internet was quite slow, but workable.

Additionally, it has free valet parking, which may be useful for those coming in from California or nearby areas. However, the resort, designed for families and couples, does not have a casino.

Lastly, we most likely would not stay at the Grand Chateau again, given the abundance of hotels and offers in Las Vegas.


Featured image from Marriott Hotel Site – Level 5 Pool Bar & Grill


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