Due to bad weather and last minute flight changes, I was stuck in Atlanta and had to book a hotel at the airport, and it had to be reasonably priced (I was staying for work). I had a choice between The Westin and a Sheraton for the same exact price. I picked The Westin, though I wonder if it was the right choice.

Quick Details
 The Westin Atlanta Airport (A Starwood Hotel)
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Arrived: Thursday, July 14
Friday, July 15
Room Number:

I have the standard Preferred Guest status with Starwood, but I do have their credit card. Of course, during this trip I didn’t think I would need it, so I left the credit card at home. Sigh. Anyway, at the time of booking this hotel, I was in the Birmingham, Alabama airport trying to figure out if I was actually was going to make my flight home or not. So this was a last minute booking price. Between The Westin and a Sheraton hotel, I generally think of The Westin being a lot nicer in any given comparison. No idea if it’s true, just how I perceive them.

The Westin and the Sheraton offer a free joint shuttle from the airport to the hotel, and vice versa. It leaves about every thirty minutes. At the hotel the lobby is nice and has a friendly staff. Because I booked a last minute room, and got to the airport around 10:00 p.m., I ended up in the dreaded renovation area of the hotel. While the hallways didn’t look the best, the room looked alright.

The Room

First the bad. The sheets had small rips and tears in them and the floor had light stains, but nothing I was too grossed out by. Maybe if I was paying out of pocket for the room and not having my company pay, I would be a lot more upset, but for a one night crash on their dime, it wasn’t bad. The two basic rooms you can book are a king bed or two double beds. At first, I didn’t realize they were not queen beds, so just remember those are your two options when booking. The bathroom features the brightest lights ever put into a bathroom I think. No idea if that’s a good or bad thing, but if you like bright lights, I guess it’s good!

Now for the good. The shower gets hot, the coffee (Starbucks) in the room is good and I didn’t hear any air traffic. The Westin chain features “Heavenly” bedding and to be honest, it usually is pretty “Heavenly” and this hotel is no exception. I slept like a rock that night, though maybe that was because of all the stress of rebooking flights. Who knows. The room had a free bottle of water, which is always nice to see especially after a long day of flying.

Bottom Line

It would be interesting to find out if anyone else has stayed at the Sheraton near by. I would love to hear how it compares. When booking a room I look for it to be clean and have a comfortable bed, a hot shower and some quiet. If you go by that criteria, this hotel is pretty good. If you have stayed at the Atlanta Sheraton airport, or any other Atlanta airport hotel, let me know what the best option is.