HIGHLIGHTS: Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers

This one was a quick stay – highlights include the decent breakfast spread, nice executive lounge for guests, and large upgraded room they provided us for our honeymoon. Unfortunately, we arrived at Yokohama late, since we spent several hours on the way back north in Japan at Osaka Station – eating so very much. I would highly recommend that people stop and enjoy the cuisine and variety at many of the shinkansen stops throughout Japan.


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This hotel was a good 10-15 minute walk from Yokohama Station, in the heart of the city of Yokohama. Thankfully there are plenty of signs directing people and you can always spy the huge Sheraton sign. When we approached the lobby floor – they instructed us due to the Titanium status from Marriott to check in on the Sheraton Club floor. Slightly annoying – I just want to get my key and to go to my room. I did hear another guest – I assume American businessman – also voice this request.

Thus we went up to the Sheraton Club lounge, where they provided us breakfast passes and more information on the lounge. We took a quick tour and then went to our room.



They were kind enough to upgrade us to a large suite – with a separate sitting area and large working table. The bedroom was also big, with a nice cozy bathroom with a combined shower/tub combo. Flowers were left on the seating area coffee table – a very kind gesture. I wish I had more time to enjoy the room but as we arrived late and left in the early morning to catch our flight out that was impossible.



This hotel was popular with business travellers and tourists alike as it’s close to Yokohama Station – central to much of the activity. I really enjoyed the nice layout and architecture of both the lobby and lounge as well – check out the fancy chandelier.



We were given a choice of breakfast on the second floor restaurant – Compass – as well as in the lounge. However, they informed us that the breakfast at the restaurant is a full spread while it’s only continental in the lounge, so we went to the restaurant first. There was a decent spread of options, but I ended up not eating very much. I did check out the lounge as well and the selection was definitely more limited.



Pool and fitness center available for guests! Interestingly enough there is a charge, according to the hotel site:

Open every day except for the last day of each month. Fee for the pool and gym during operating hours is 2,160 JPY (free for guests staying at the Sheraton Club Floor). Only the gym is available outside operating hours for a fee of 864 JPY. Customers under 20 years of age are not permitted.

How very unusual. I have not experienced this at any hotel where they charge extra for the fitness center (that is not bundled into a standard resort fee).
a room with exercise equipment

Fitness Center – from hotel site.



I would certainly return here to enjoy the Yokohama Bay Sheraton amenities and experience Yokohama properly. Hopefully next time! There is so much to see and do in this city such as a chicken ramen factory where you can learn about and make your own ramen – something my lady is very interested in.


Osaka Station

As mentioned previously, we stopped at Osaka Station to sample a variety of foods – such an eating extravaganza. Prices are decently expensive – certainly taking advantage of travellers, but still reasonable for what it is (certainly compared to US pricing). First, we started with some ramen and karaage, as I noted where favorites where on the station map.


Next we purchased some items to eat on the train – always have to have that royal milk tea and bento for the lady. We also stopped at a dumpling place to enjoy some amazingly fresh and crispy dumplings.


Of course, I still had to get my fried meat and seafood skewers, so I finally found a place that was a quick serve. Each one of the skewers was only $1-2, and were amazingly delicious. I had to restrain myself from getting so many more.


Lastly, we finished at 551 Horai, a famous takeaway place serving great pork buns, pot stickers, and siu mai. Definitely full by this point, but we struggled through it. Interestingly enough, there were so many different locations throughout the station, and there were no volume discounts. Usually when you buy more you get a better rate per piece, but not at 551 Horai!




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