Hello from the Disney Swan Resort at Walt Disney World.  Mrs MJonTravel and I arrived Sunday afternoon to kickoff my 40th birthday extravaganza!  Mrs MJonTravel is running a tight ship this week, insisting that I explore every possible square inch of Disney, and leaving very little time for blogging!  I expect I’ll have a series of posts about the trip, and may try to get the first full post up this week before setting sail on Monarch of the Seas this Friday, we’ll see.

In the meantime, our flights down to MCO aboard American were fine.  Nothing special, but no issues, and that’s always good.  We were pleasantly surprised by flying a 767-300 from Miami to Orlando after American did an equipment swap from the usual 757.  We enjoyed the lap of luxury in an international business class seat for a whopping 30 minutes!

I’ll have more to say soon.  In the meantime, standby for a few Best of MJ on Travel posts this week as well.