The title says it all.  As I’d posted previously, Mrs MJonTravel and I are taking off on my 40th birthday extravaganza/vacation tomorrow morning.  We’re flying American over Miami to get to MCO.  Yes, I really like AAdvantage.  🙂  Our upgrades for the short flight from Miami to Orlando cleared at the 72 hour window for AAdvantage Platinum members.  But the DC to Miami leg has yet to clear.  Being the savvy traveler that I am, it appears that I picked the one flight to Miami tomorrow where there’s some demand for the premium cabin.  The other morning flights are “all 7’s.”  So yay me!

I was hoping the upgrades would clear this morning at the 24 hour mark, but no dice, so I went ahead and checked in.  There are a handful of seats left to sell, so unless today’s weather results in some canceled flights, or American actually sells the seats (and more power to them if they do as comp upgrades are a benefit, not a right) we’ll probably clear in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, or at the airport.  And if we don’t clear at all, it will be OK.  But I don’t know if I’ll ever break my habit of constantly checking to see if the upgrade has cleared.  What about you?