Highway signs.  If you drive regularly, you may find it refreshing to see different electronic messages on the highway signs.  I know I do.

Some states have gotten very creative with their electronic signage.  Iowa is one of them.  Looking through their Twitter feed, it looks like the Iowa’s Department of Transportation (DOT) is running an active,  “Zero Fatalities, A Goal We Can Live With” campaign.


Creative Messaging

Some creative messages on highway signs are popping up across various states.  These include:

“Old Taylor can’t come to the phone…she’s driving”  — For those who don’t know, this is a reference to Taylor Swift’s single “Look What You Made Me Do”.

“May the 4th be with you. Text I will not”.   — This should be obvious.  If not, well, may the force be with you.

“The road is no place for a Pokémon Go chase” — Very true!  In a move to prevent distracted driving, Niantic Labs had long made an update to prevent players from seeing nearby Pokemons when they go past a certain speed.

“Santa Sees You …When You’re Speeding.” — Seasonal, December

“Let Freedom Ring.  Hang up your phone.”  — Seasonal, Fourth of July.

“Texting while driving. Oh, cell no.”


Some with Darker Undertones

The consequences of not driving safely can be deadly, so there are also some darker messages too:

“Not Buckled?  What’s holding you back?”

“Wrap your gifts not your car around a tree.” — in December

“Let’s Fill Pot Holes Not Graves.”  — New Year’s weekend


Why the New Messages?

Old messages can get stale, so some states are getting creative in order to get their message across.  Distracted driving, drunk driving, and other unsafe driving practices can be fatal, so whatever it takes to remind drivers to focus on the road — even if it means using cheeky messages.

Of course, DOT across states should be weary of coming up with too awesome of a message. Some drivers might get distracted trying to take a picture.


What are some great highway signs you’ve come across? Do you think they are effective?