I had about 4 hours in Boston so I popped in to The Lounge to spend my time.

Interestingly enough the website for this lounge says “You can now book your lounge visit 6 hours before your flight time.” I will keep a look out to see if more lounges allow you to stay longer.

It is a bit of a small lounge, but the food was nice and I was able to use wi-fi and power to watch the F1 Grand Prix I had missed the previous day.




This is the entrance. On the door it lists access for Priority Pass, Diners Club, Lounge Club and Lounge Key members. Check in was not busy so I was through quickly.

a glass door with a reception desk in front of it

The lounge was quite busy so I found a chair. There was no table available so I had to use the top of my suitcase to rest my computer, and put my glass on the floor when I was not using it.

Not particularly comfortable, but it is what it is.

people sitting in chairs in a room with people waiting for their flight

The food and salad were nice and fresh. I also enjoyed the soup. Beef soup with barley and vegetables reminds me of home and winters in front of the fire.

a group of bowls of vegetables and a bowl of food

a large silver pot on a white surface

The requisite coffee machines were available for my favorite cappuccino, and the tea selection was nice.

a coffee machine next to a tray of coffee cups a coffee maker and condiments on a table

Add in the nice assorted muffins, oatmeal cookies and pita bread and there were lovely snacks for enjoying with your tea or coffee.

a plate of cookies and muffins on a table

Even banana chips, trail mix and gummy bears were on hand.

a group of glass jars with food on a shelf

I was there the day after St Patricks day so there was still a lot of bunting celebrating the day. This is the bar counter. A small but sufficient selection was available.

a bar with a tv and a green garland

This lounge is in the Jet Blue terminal. The lady at reception mentioned it to me too when I checked in. I told her that I knew and had a few hours so I would make sure to get to my gate in the different terminal in time.

a screens with blue text and white text

That was a pleasant 4 hours I spent in the lounge. It was great having a race to watch so 2 hours passed quickly.

It is a nice lounge to spend time in. Not so sure about the fact that there are not enough tables for the chairs but that is a minor hiccup.

Another very pleasant Priority Pass lounge experience.