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This year hasn’t been short of bizarre incidents. We’ve seen customers go really berserk at time while on board. Be it intoxication or other reasons, the year has already seen its share of weird occurrences and the odd skirmish. However, the most recent incident is rather concerning. Passengers have filed a class action lawsuit against Frontier Airlines. The lawsuit states that Frontier didn’t do enough to report and respond to credible complaints of sexual assault by passengers.

Frontier Airlines Lawsuit

Fox Denver reports that the incident occurred last year. The report states how flight attendants took no action even after the complainant immediately brought it to their attention.

One woman, going by the name Jane Doe, alleges that she was sexually assaulted by another passenger on a flight from Denver to Florida in 2018.  Her attorney is Pamela Maass.

“This was a red-eye flight. She was asleep. She had the blanket over her, and the passenger next to her stuck his hand under the blanket into her private region,” Maass said.

The woman says she contacted the flight attendant, who did not report the incident to anyone else, and did not ask for law enforcement to be contacted.

According to her attorney, Jane Doe called the FBI herself once she landed, and they are investigating.

The report outlines another similar case in the same year. When the complainant alerted the inflight crew, she wasn’t even allowed to switch seats after the incident. If you read the full report, you’ll find that the details are there and it’s shocking that no action was taken by the Frontier Airlines’ crew.

The Pundit’s Mantra

It’s really disturbing to see the lack of empathy when it comes to responding to credible customer complaints of sexual assault. Frontier Airlines responded to the news by putting out a standard statement. It didn’t really do much to address the issue.

Most companies have policies in place to handle such incidents. Given that airplanes are shared spaces, I’m surprised that Frontier Airlines didn’t have any policies and procedures in place to respond to such complaints.

What do you think would be the best way to handle such complaints on board from an airline policy perspective? Let us know in the comments section.

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