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Every now and then we encounter stories about irate passengers in flight. Drunk passengers cause all sorts of problems, right from racist rants to actual fights. Inflight rage can often derail the entire inflight experience for everyone on board. One such incident occurred recently on a Virgin Atlantic flight.

Inflight Rage

The incident occurred on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Miami to London Heathrow. The Independent reports:

Louise Dixon, 51, faces jail time after she became drunk and disruptive onboard the Virgin Atlantic flight from Miami to London Heathrow, throwing a full water bottle at a child’s head “with some force”.

Co-passengers narrated the abhorrent behavior they experienced.

Jackie Allen, who was sitting behind Dixon, said: “I found her behaviour was alarming, very frightening. She then turned in her seat in front of me and raised her fist to hit me.”

Lousie Dixon, the attacker, now faces jail time. Authorities had to restrain her after she attacked three passengers. She also threw a bottle full of water an 8 year boy, which hit the boy’s head. Male passengers stepped in eventually and physically stopped Louise.

The reason cited for her outrageous behavior is quite strange:

Dixon became drunk after hearing that her flight from Miami on 12 April would be busy. Just 20 minutes into the flight she started acting “strangely”, the court heard, before she began lashing out at fellow passengers.

Passengers were truly terrified when they saw what was happening, even when they tried to restrain her.

The college worker also assaulted passenger Gabriella Cotton while she was being restrained, kicking her in the hip, digging her nails into Cotton’s wrists and spitting at her.

The Pundit’s Mantra

Dixon’s defense counsel asserted in court that the cause for her alcoholism and belligerent behavior was a recent divorce and her personal problems while bringing up her children. The court released Dixon on unconditional bail. Dixon is set to be sentenced in August.

Have you experienced such an incident while in flight? Let us know in the comments section.

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