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Every now and then you come across a Twitter trend or online discussion that just cracks you up. While not all Twitter discussions are civil and cordial, this one somehow funnily waded into mocking the major US airlines. Airlines have started creating more fare buckets, much to the chagrin of customers. The motive here is to drive ancillary revenue by offering customers options to pay extra. While the internet can often get heated up with political discussions, this one surely ended up being funny. As the impeachment saga pans out in Washington, the internet is filled with heated debates. Whether inadvertently, one of President Trump’s tweets got Twitterati to bash US based Airlines after the President used the term ‘Economy Plus’.

Economy Plus

Here’s the actual Tweet from the President that got it started:

a screenshot of a social media post

It’s not what you’re thinking about!

Funny Reactions

Twitter users chimed in with reactions of their own. While a lot of them commented on the ongoing impeachment proceedings, many grabbed the opportunity to go after US based airlines. A few took it one step further. They used their tweet to go after the President and the major US carriers for ‘Economy Plus’.

Todd Levin:I would definitely describe you as an “Economy Plus” President.”

Brian Campbell: Economy Plus” is a weird way to describe yourself. A little better than coach, noticeably worse than first class. Mostly a way to get people to pay extra to feel like humans.”

Fiddler: “(Economy Plus) President” is also how Trump’s personal physician will describe his patient in his next dubious report on a supposed “partial physical”

Wildcat MSP:Maybe for the impeachment @united can drag you kicking and screaming from “economy plus”…

Brandon Wolf:Economy Plus is generous for this Basic Economy presidency.”

Faran:Economy Plus? What is America? United Airlines?”

Butternut Squash:Economy Plus is an airline scam where you pay more for the same shitty coach seat. It’s like staying at a Trump hotel but getting the same crappy bed and bedbugs like you would at a Best Western.”

The Pundit’s Mantra

Given how politically charged the current climate is, it’s always good to see people enjoy the lighter side of things. Who would’ve thought that a tweet about the economy would lead to people on Twitter bashing United Airlines? Well, we sure live in strange times. I’m happy that it got a smile to everyone’s face and got the creative juices flowing on Twitter.

Did you chime in on the trend on Twitter? if yes, what was your response? Tell us in the comments section.

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