Here are several other articles from around the travel web that I think you may find interesting:

Why I like Marriott resort fees as a percent of room rate – Frequent Miler

Greg takes an odd perspective on resort fees in this post. If the hotel isn’t charging a resort fee on award nights (as you’re spending $0), that’s fantastic. But it’s still ridiculous that the hotel could be charging a $60/night resort fee on top of a $600 room rate.

Why I Kinda Hate Flying Business Class With My Dad (But Not Really) – One Mile at a Time

This is hysterical rundown on the ways Ben’s dad doesn’t maximize business class (which has to drive his son nuts). The comments are just as good. It seems business class isn’t something that the more senior among us always appreciate, as many have similar tales!

25 Wonderful Things to Do in Buenos Aires with Kids and Teens – Travel Mamas

This post has me reminiscing about my brief time in BA with my daughter this past spring. The capital of Argentina has a lot to offer as a family travel destination. We hit smoe of the highlights of this list, but with only four days at our disposal instead of a month, we missed a lot as well.

We’ve Made TOO MUCH CONTENT – Medium

This is something I’ve actually been thinking about lately (as I stand here and type yet another post, LOL). I used to read a good number of blogs, but between working a day job, time with family, and writing on the side, I have to be super choosy about what I devote time to now. The number of posts that come out every day across the blogging channels I follow is too much for me. The internet content explosion is real. More content isn’t always better. Food for thought.

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