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Marriott Keeps Making It Harder To Stay In A Relationship With Them – Your Mileage May Vary

Marriott went from fine, to bad, to worse. They keep making things more awful for their loyal customers, who should really be reconsidering their loyalty, if they haven’t already. The awful implementation of Marriott’s peak/off-peak pricing is the latest woe.

How American Ruined My Trip To Croatia – One Mile at a Time

Yet another trip ruined by American Airlines who has become the worst carrier in the country. Rolling delays that turn into cancellations are the worst, and that is exactly how this went down. But then American went on to make things way, way worse.

Airline director fired for ‘fat shaming’ British Airways cabin crew – Fox News

I’ve read about some other poor interactions between airline staff, passengers, and security personnel, but this was out of place. The manager provided a harsh critique of a British Airways cabin crew on social media. In the age of the internet, what you say can be held against you forever.

Whoa: American Airlines Instagram features miniature horse service animal – AZ Central

It might come as a surprise that miniature horses make the short list of explicitly approved service animals. As unique as this is, I’d probably prefer being seated near a horse than a dog.

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