Must-Have Travel Apps For Cheaper, Safer, and Better Travel in 2021 – Miles to Memories

Camera. Google Maps. Notes. Those are my top three travel apps, trailed by WhatsApp and Uber. But I’m not the one to ask, since I’ve now ditched the smartphone entirely, which is why you should definitely give this MtM post a read.

Cathay Pacific Will Only Fly to 16 Destinations as 14-Day Crew Quarantine Comes Into Force – Paddle Your Own Kanoo

This is absolutely insane. Do they want to kill Cathay? The quarantine requirement is causing an insane reduction to the schedule. Even SFO flights are being cut.

Florida Officials Say They’d Fight Any Potential Domestic Travel Restrictions – NPR

This will certainly be a fight by Florida Man. With the White House supposedly targeting Florida for travel restrictions, Governor DeSantis is prepared to go to battle.

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