Hawaii Restaurants Begin Closing Permanently – Jeffsetter

This number is only going to go up. Businesses are going to be lost and livelihoods disrupted. Due to Hawaii’s strict policies, their tourism-based economy is going to suffer far more than many other U.S. states.

I’m Traveling For The First Time In 99 Days, And I’m Kind Of Anxious – One Mile at a Time

I can identify with being curious about the post-COVID (I guess not quite post) travel experience. But I had little of Ben’s anxiety. Still, it’s a good read for anyone who has been grounded for months and is thinking about hitting the skies once more.

Boeing Preparing For 737MAX Recertification Part 2 of 2 – Travel Codex

It’s been a long road for Boeing’s 737MAX. Although the pandemic has more than just overshadowed this other crisis in the air industry, Boeing is still moving forward with their new jet. This set of two posts (link to post #1 in article) detail some of the hurdles that Boeing faces. Personally, I hope they drop the MCAS system entirely in favor of pilot training and a new type rating. I’d rather be in the hands of a trained pilot than software.

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