When We Get To Travel Again Leave Your Entitlement At The Boarding Door – Miles to Memories

Travel entitlement is something that has tended to plague the miles and points space at times. I’ve been guilty of it at times. When you’re earning plenty of miles to make otherwise unattainable travel happen, it’s a great feeling. But it can also breed an unfortunate attitude along with it. Mark details how much appreciation we should have for the amazing travel opportunities we are able to enjoy.

It’s Time To Lift U.S. Travel Restrictions On China And Europe – View from the Wing

I’m of the opinion that travel bans are now nearly useless unless a country hasn’t seen a significant caseload or wide community spread. With the number of cases that the U.S. is seeing daily, additional exposure from travelers entering the U.S. will have a marginal effect at best on the spread of COVID-19. We need travel back.


While I still see plenty of mixed response to travel, the shaming aspect is certainly going down. I don’t expect it to be mostly gone until midsummer, at a minimum. I’ve now flown twice since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, and we’re likely to take a couple more summer trips, so you know where I stand on the issue.

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