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Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen multiple stories covering the sad fate of the travel industry. After the US Big 3, this week we also got news that JetBlue plans to institute layoffs starting October 1. That and more in our recap for stories covered this week.

JetBlue layoffs imminent, leaked memo reveals details

Business Insider gained access to an internal JetBlue memo to employees that details it’s plans to start layoffs very soon. The plans to institute these layoffs come as no surprise, as the airline industry continues to suffer due to lack of demand and low consumer confidence. The move is likely to affect at least 300 employees. Employees also fear that it may also dilute the JetBlue brand.

Singapore trialling fast lanes, no Quarantine required

Singapore is currently trying out the concept of fast lanes. At the moment, they’ve opened it up to business travelers from certain Chinese provinces. However, the move itself seems to be a lot more complicated from the point of view of implementation. We could well see more governments try similar methods as they plan to mostly reopen travel in phases.

3 flights triggered Covid-19 spread in California

The Los Angeles times reports three instances where passengers who were Covid-19 positive flew into Los Angeles International Airport. The report details how the virus could’ve spread in California and also highlights the inadequate agency response to the situation.

What research tells us about the future of loyalty programs

We’re in the middle of a recession. Even before the recession, we saw airlines and hotels make a slew of changes to their loyalty programs, largely negative. In this post, I crunch some research data to project some of the upcoming changes that we could see in our loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are clearly moving beyond being simply plain vanilla rebate programs. They’re now focusing on offering customers more options and better experiences.

My favorite no annual fee credit card

Premium credit cards are no longer the flavor of the month. Consumer spend is at an all time low. Airlines are hurting, many facing bankruptcies or instituting layoffs (JetBlue the latest). In such a market scenario, many are looking to save money on annual fees. In this post, I write about my favorite no annual fee credit card. I’ve carried this in my wallet for many years and it’s a fantastic option if you’re looking to keep it simple during these crazy times.


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