Vegas Is Reopen! My Different Vegas Check-In Experience & What It’s Like on the Vegas Strip Today – Miles to Memories

Shawn’s write-up of opening day is timely, considering that I’m headed to Vegas with one of my sons on Sunday, even though I swore off the city entirely. It was a tossup between Vegas and Phoenix for easily accessible semi-open destinations outside California, and I somehow let Vegas win. The $51 hotel for three nights had a lot to do with it.

Lufthansa Lost €1.2 Billion in the First Three Months of 2020; Seeks Urgent Restructuring – Paddle Your Own Kanoo

Lufthansa is in a tough spot and does not anticipate travel returning to previous levels anytime soon, expecting many aircraft to remain parked for over a year. They’re currently losing €800 million in cash each month. Let’s hope they can turn things around for the whole Lufthansa Group.

In other news, a recent award search showed me that there is plenty of business space on their 747-8is flying from the U.S. West Coast this summer. If only I could be sure there would be somewhere open enough to enjoy. We shall see.

How to get all 5 Marriott Bonvoy cards – Frequent Miler

But why?! Why would you want all of them? I barely want even one. I was scared until I got to Greg’s “this post is not meant to be advice” disclaimer. Kudos to him for walking through the possibility, though.

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