Quit The Outrage Over Full Flights And Lack Of Social Distance On Planes – View from the Wing

With the industry already in chaos and airlines operating many flights they otherwise wouldn’t to meet CARES Act requirements, it’s not surprising that popular routes fly full while others fly mostly empty. I generally agree with Gary’s take, and I will assert that I don’t believe all non-essential travel should be banned (currently, I would have no qualms flying). However, I can also certainly put myself in the shoes of those who are scared of contracting COVID-19, yet are traveling for a critical reason.

Has Citi Forced Chase’s Hand With Their Recent Refresh? РMiles to Memories

As we spend a larger-than-average percentage of take-home income on food (some months are over 20%), I’m always looking for the best credit cards to use at grocery stores. Chase’s lack of grocery bonus spend has frustrated me for years. Well, except for the rotating 5x on the Chase Freedom. Maybe things will finally change?

Stop This Idiotic Argument In Defence Of Airlines Who Flout The Rules – Traveling for Miles

I couldn’t believe the number of comments I received on my post about United trying to charge me a redeposit fee for an award itinerary where the transatlantic segment had been canceled. It defied all logic, and DOT regulations. The sole purpose was to keep cash in their coffers. I get why the airlines are hurting. But there is no reasonable defense of this behavior.

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