Most Americans Uncomfortable Flying When Corona Quarantine Is Over – The Winglet

The results of this survey actually surprised me. But I am one of the outliers who would have no qualms stepping on a plane tomorrow. With the reduction in passenger traffic, flying is objectively no more risky (if not decidedly less risky) than shopping at the grocery store.

I won’t be flying internationally for a bit, mainly due to the uncertainty of entering and exiting. But I’ll be traveling domestically in no time.

Hey Amazon, Where Is Our Amazon Prime Bailout? – Miles to Memories

I’m glad Mark penned this piece. I’d actually had this thought myself, considering everything I’ve ordered from Amazon lately has taken about a week to arrive. Is it too much to offer a 1-2 month credit, when Amazon is making considerable profits from so many online orders?

Is it ok to miss school for vacation? – Points with a Crew

I have zero qualms pulling my kids from school to travel. So much of it is about the educational experience anyway, getting to see new places and experience new cultures. My son is able to complete a week’s worth of work in like a day anyway, which shows me just how efficient schooling is. As Dan discusses, we might need to reconsider things once he is in eighth grade and not third grade.

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