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While May started out with a lot of miles & points related news, travel still largely remains at standstill. Many of us are wondering when travel would return to normal as we stay indoors. The month of April showed initial signs of banks reacting to the current market conditions and making changes. Here’s a quick recap of some of the stories we covered in the month of April.

This is when travel could return to normal post Covid-19

Many industry organizations and experts are putting forth models to predict when travel could return to normal. As expected, travel is bound to bounce back to normal, in a phased manner. In this post, I write about how the recovery could pan out in the upcoming months.

Amex offering 3 months extra to meet welcome bonus requirements

After Amex started the trend, other issuers also followed. In this post, I elaborate more about the extensions by Amex that help customers get an extra 3 months to meet minimum spend requirements for welcome bonuses.

Should you convert your miles & points into cash?

As the global economy gets disrupted, many people are asking a pertinent question. With travel at a standstill and a recession at our doorstep, does it make sense to convert our points into some valuable cash?

Changes coming to your favorite loyalty programs

In this post, I put forth market research data to take a closer look at the future of loyalty programs. The data points to some interesting trends.

As recession looms, will loyalty programs roll back devaluations

Under public pressure and regulatory scrutiny, airlines are now issuing refunds instead of vouchers. In this post, I ask the question whether loyalty programs will roll back any devaluations to get customers back at their airlines and hotels once things resume. Only time will tell, but United sure dashed any hopes by announcing another no-notice devaluation.

Does this recession mark the end of the road for travel ‘influencers’?

Influencers were the darling of many marketing departments when times were good. As companies cut their budgets and slash costs, what will be the future and the relevance of travel influencers?

Why you should cancel the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card

In my column the Counterpoint, I argue why you should cancel the Chase Sapphire Reserve card given the current state of public health and travel restrictions.

The near term future of miles & points credit cards

In this post, I point out how current market conditions are going to change the miles and points game in the short run. Turns out, Chase could already be making changes in that direction.

Miles & Points are being sold at record low prices, but should you buy?

Many airlines and hotels are selling their currencies at a discount. With travel at a standstill, does it make sense to buy these currencies at a discount now, with a hope of traveling at some time in the near future?


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