Here are several other articles from around the travel web that I think you may find interesting:

A Sick Boy’s Wish: Be a Pilot for a Day. 20 Years Later, He’s an Airline Captain – Thrifty Traveler

This is an amazing story. From near hopelessness as a boy due to medical issues, an experimental surgery and Make-a-Wish really did make a dream come true for Anthony. You can partner with Make-a-Wish Minnesota during their current drive. It’s a way to put your airline miles to good use.

AA Shutdown My Account – Forget What We Thought We Knew – Miles to Memories

Ryan details how the shutdown in two-player mode hit him and his wife hard and fast. Previously, we weren’t seeing people go from frozen to banned in such a short time-frame.

Plan a Krakow Day Trip – what to see in Krakow in one day! – C Boarding Group

Krakow is the top city on my list for a visit to Poland, followed closely by Gdansk. This is a quick list of some of the top sights to see and a couple great places to eat.

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