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Which Country Is The Most Difficult To Visit? Here Are My Experiences So Far – Miles to Memories

Several on the list are fairly easy to guess, but there are a few surprises. The country with the worst immigration agents gave me a chuckle!

Ouch: Etihad Criticizes A380 Pilots For Viral Crosswind Landing – One Mile at a Time

This is quite the landing! The first time through, I actually didn’t watch all the way to the end, which is something you should do in light of the criticism levied at the pilots from their own airline. I originally thought it was a great “crabbed” landing in high crosswinds. But the pilots don’t quite keep full control of the plane once its on the ground. What do you think? Poor judgment?

First Class Passengers On American Airlines Can Give Up Their Seat To Whomever They Wish – View from the Wing

What seemed cut and dry to me (that you can switch seats) actually isn’t clear, based on the responses from the airline to the poor lady in first class and then the follow up by a spokesperson. American needs to straighten this one out. The least shocking part about this is the utterly rude behavior by the American flight attendant which has become all too common with the U.S.’s worst airline.


You know you’re a failing, dictatorial, socialist state when you ban an airline simply for transporting someone you don’t like. Petulant is an understatement.

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