A private jet is considered to be the epitome of luxury travel, but at the end of the day it’s still flying in a plane. While you may have it to yourself or with a select few others, it still doesn’t beat flying in a helicopter.

The main reason for this is that you get the same views in a private jet as you would flying commercial. Flying in a chopper is an altogether different and unique experience.

Airport Transfers In St. Lucia

When visiting St. Lucia in the Caribbean, you will find Hewanorra International Airport is located on the south of the island. Many resorts are located in the north, which means there’s a very long ride in a minibus after you arrive.

During my stay, I noticed they offered helicopter transfers from George F.L. Charles Airport to Hewanorra for something like US$195. The flight time was around twenty minutes. Since I wanted to avoid the long transfer and had never been in a chopper, I decided to take the plunge.

The Helicopter Flight

Leaving day was 9 October 2010 and I headed out to SLU airport, conveniently located near all the resorts. My luggage went separately by car, which meant that wonderful freedom of not having to schlep all my stuff with me.

Happily I managed to score a seat up next to the pilot, with someone beside me and two or three people in the back. After a short briefing, headsets were put on and off we went.

Above you can see the last five minutes of the approximately 20 minute journey. The flight skims the hills and mountains and you get to see virtually all of the island. Since St. Lucia is so picturesque, there is plenty to see – a real feast for the eyes!

While take-off is slightly disconcerting for a frequent flyer not used to going straight up, the views are spectacular. You feel as though you’re really flying, with many interesting things to see along the way.

Overall Thoughts

Sure, a private jet lets you sit in luxury and eat, drink or work along the way. However, for sheer views and a real seat of the pants experience, you can’t beat a helicopter.

Throughout the journey I was pretty much struck with awe. It was just incredibly cool and I am certain I was sitting there wide eyed with wonder with a big grin plastered across my face.

Have you ever been up in a helicopter before? How about a private jet? What was it like? Which one would you prefer? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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