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Air Italy Goes Into Liquidation As Perpetually Bankrupt Alitalia Keeps On Keeping On – Forbes

I knew Air Italy wasn’t performing well, but the cessation of operations and liquidation really came out of nowhere. Alitalia has been on the rocks for years, losing huge amounts of money per day. It is one of the airlines I believe could go under this year. If Alitalia fails, Italy will be without an airline. Unless you count Air Dolomiti, which I really don’t.

World of Hyatt Category Changes 2020 – Miles to Memories

As is typical with Hyatt, the changes are mixed. There are slightly more (17) properties going up in category than are moving down, so it’s a much better situation that Marriott’s disaster. Some surprises include the Andaz Papagayo going up in category again and the Hyatt Centric Key West costing as much as the Park Hyatt New York. What’s not surprising is to see many hotels in Asia (especially China) and Latin America fall in price.


This is a great example of the diligence needed for award travel. The waiting strategy has rarely not paid off for me. I’ve booked many last-minute flights on United airlines, sometimes seeing space open up within 3-7 days of the proposed flight. It’s uncomfortable to wait, and I don’t suggest this strategy if you don’t have a viable backup plan. But it has paid off plenty of time for me.

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