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Why “Cents Per Mile” Redemption Value Truly Matters Now – Points with a Crew

This is a great rundown that explains the dichotomy between two opposing schools of thought when it comes to determining “cents per mile” value for an award redemption. I have my own methods for determining the “value” of a particular award that isn’t the strict cash value, yet not the “what would you pay” method, as I would often pay a whole lot less than even a reasonable cash price.

Former ‘Bachelor’ Producer Took An American Airlines Mileage Run And Wound Up In A Mexican Prison – View from the Wing

This whole story is insane. The bar responded to the man’s allegations of how he was treated at their establishment, but the video really doesn’t show anything. Much of the story checks out. Crazy how it went down!

A New Problem For The Boeing 737 MAX – Travel Codex

I’m not sure Boeing is ever going to get this aircraft re-certified. Between the initial catastrophic MCAS issue, to further software issues, to this wiring problem, this plane is just plagued with defects. I’m not sure either flight attendants nor the public will ever feel safe aboard them.

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Featured 737MAX photo courtesy of Boeing.