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This place looks super cool. Kids get to try out different mock occupations in a city-like environment. I know my 9-year-old would be into this. Sounds like there were a few hiccups, but hopefully these are solved soon.

Might need to add Dallas to the list of destinations for 2020! But it sounds like KidZania is opening more U.S. locations.

The One Thing I Hate About This Hobby – Mr. Mark at Miles to Memories

Arrogance and condescension online is already a problem, but it can be especially problematic in established award travel circles. We cannot create an environment where people are discouraged from asking basic questions and learning about this amazing hobby.

Cause Of Deadly EgyptAir Crash Finally Revealed? – One Mile at a Time

This is incredibly disheartening to hear. I hate stories about government cover up of an actual issue. It’s so important for global aviation safety to learn from mistakes, but we’ve seen multiple times where countries governments and/or bureaucracies won’t cooperate.

Not to mention the cover up close to home with Boeing’s nightmare this year.

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